A Decade of Deep Carbon Research

Nature has assembled a collection of papers originating under the auspices of the just-concluded ten-year Deep Carbon Observatory project, sponsored by the Sloan Foundation. An interview with two of the project’s leaders can be found here

Whales and eDNA in NY waters Podcast

NYU science journalism grad student Kaitlyn Jeanne Nichols’s podcast follows the return of whales to NY and interviews Mark on how eDNA is helping reveal animal life in NYC waters. https://soundcloud.com/user-833449477/chasing-whales-in-new-york-city (segment starts at 7:30).

ECO special issue on IQOE

In a special issue on ocean sound, the publication ECO – Environment, Coastal, Offshore published an article  Introducing the International Quiet Ocean Experiment.  The article is authored by partners in the IQOE program including PHE, SCOR, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, Florida Atlantic University, the University of New Hampshire, the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, POGO, and the University of Exeter.