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8 October 2016

Deep Carbon Observatory researchers have created an eye-popping animation that shows volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and associated emissions since 1960…and reveals the seamy structure of the Earth.  See the press release about Exhaling Earth and the 70-second E3 animation.

Coverage includes

Washington Post

Watch Earth pulse with earthquakes and eruptions in this stunning visualization


Daily Mail

Global system could help predict cataclysmic supervolcano eruptions


Volcano insight: Fifty years of eruptions revealed


Una aplicación compila todas las erupciones volcánicas desde 1960


Eruzioni e terremoti, 50 anni di dati in un’app

New York Times

What 50 Years of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions Look Like

Congratulations to Liz Cottrell, Tobias Fischer, Marie Edmonds and Co. on super science!

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29 September 2016

The slides from Jesse Ausubel’s lecture on

Marine biodiversity revealed by extracellular DNA in seawater

are posted at the site of the conference celebrating the 70th birthday of Russia’s Shirshov Institute of Oceanology.  Thanks to Mark Stoeckle, who leads PHE’s eDNA work.

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25 September 2016

Distributor Music Box Films has posted the release schedule in USA theatres of the new Jacques Perrin documentary film about forests and forest fauna, The Seasons. Here is a photo with Kathleen Townsend, Jacques Perrin, and Jesse Ausubel at the dinner in honor of the film at the home of the French ambassador in Washington DC.


See also the earlier entries below.

Short videos of Galatee’s The Seasons

The Seasons 2-minute teaser



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22 September 2016

During September, PHE welcomed a guest, Dr. David Burg, a Bio-statistician based at the Golan Research Institute in Katzrin, Israel, as a visiting researcher.  Dr. Burg is working with PHE on a number of projects including the development of online software for statistical analysis of time series data as well as studies applying biological models to social and technical phenomena.  We were fortunate enough to have the participation of many, if not all, the PHE members involved in the joint research.  Pictured below with New York City in the background from left to right are: Jason, Mark, Jesse, Doris, Perrin, Iddo, and David Burg.



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9 September 2016

Deep Carbon Observatory researchers set off on quest to find the top temperature limit for life.  Jesse, who helps manage the program for the Sloan Foundation, will join the shore-based team for a few days in early October.  You can enter your own guess for the limit and win a prize!


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7 September 2016

Mark Stoeckle and David Thaler’s (former RU colleague, now at University of Basel) paper on what DNA barcodes reveal about human evolution and vice versa, entitled “Bridging two scholarly islands enriches both: COI DNA barcodes for species identification versus human mitochondrial variation for the study of migrations and pathologies” is published in open access Ecology and Evolution.

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2 September 2016

We have updated the lists of publications for Jesse Ausubel.   The chronological list includes only scientific and scholarly works, which begin in 1978.  The topical list allocates these papers to areas such as marine science, forests and energy, and also spans selected reports stemming from Jesse’s work with NAE, NRC, and the Carnegie Commission as well as informal works (including tributes, humor, poems, drama).

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23 August 2016

On 20-21 October, our Rockefeller-Monmouth Ocean Science & Policy Initiative will host the 2016 US National Forum on Ocean Exploration. For more information, click HERE.  Attendance is by invitation only.

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15 August 2016

Mark Stoeckle is interviewed about fish substitution and his daughter Kate’s high school “Sushi-gate” project  in an engaging new book “Real Food, Fake Food” by Larry Olmsted. The author also quotes Mark about what he describes as the “poster child” for fish substitution, namely, red snapper, in a Wall Street Journal article.

Mark worked with Lyubov Soboleva, a rising high school senior in the RU Summer Student Research Program (SSRP), on expanding the eDNA reference library for NYC/NJ fish species. Using specimens contributed by Keith Dunton, Monmouth University, as well as Melissa Cohen, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and others purchased in local bait shops and fish stores, she generated 60 new DNA sequences from 18 species which have already been uploaded to GenBank. Nice work Lyubov!

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2 August 2016

Mark Stoeckle’s work using environmental DNA (eDNA) to detect fish in and around New York City is featured on NYU’s ScienceLine. By analyzing the tiny bits of DNA fish and other animals leave behind in the water, the eDNA approach gives a new way to monitor the fish and aquatic mammals including whales and dolphins in our local waters.

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