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Items related to talks Jesse Ausubel has given or will be giving in the near future.

3 November 2007

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Banbury Conference Center hosted the pair of meetings in 2003 that gave birth to the DNA barcoding movement. Jesse opened the “Banbury III” meeting 28 October 2007 on “Using Barcode Data in Studies of Molecular and Evolutionary Dynamics” with a talk on “Telescopes, Microscopes, Macroscopes and DNA Barcodes.”

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13 April 2007

On 16 April Jesse delivers “The Future Environment for Energy Business” to the APPEA conference in Adelaide. Here are the figures.

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14 September 2006

On 24 April 2006 Jesse gave an expanded version of his Industrial Physicist paper about Big Green Energy Machines on zero-emission power plants and the supergrid for joint distribution of hydrogen and electricity at the Goddard Space Flight Center. We post the text of the talk and figures.

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7 July 2006

We post the text (but not slides and movies) from Jesse’s talk “How to Census Marine Life” delivered in Venice 15 June 2006 under the auspices of the European Regional Implementation Committee for the Census of Marine Life (Euro-CoML) and Telecom Italia’s Progetto Italia.

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27 March 2006

The festival in Washington DC celebrating the nature films of Jacques Perrin opened last night with an event highlighting Galatee’s new Oceans Project. We post Jesse’s Welcoming Remarks to Jacques Perrin.

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19 March 2005

We post Jesse’s “Nuclear and Renewable Heresies”, delivered as a plenary address to the Canadian Nuclear Association 10 March 2005 in Ottawa.

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30 June 2004

On 22 June Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, received the first Millennium Technology Prize [] (1 million Euros) in Helsinki. Jesse was one of the speakers at the accompanying symposium. His remarks on Big Green Energy Machines were reported in the main Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat [part 1, [part 2]. We thank Pekka Kauppi for a translation to English. The Suomen Kuvalehti (“Newsweek in Finland”) also ran a story that highlights both ZEPPs and the Continental Supergrid [part 1, part 2].

Big Green Energy Machines: Text (pdf), and Slides (powerpoint)

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11 June 2004

We post the text and figures of the talk “The Heart of Energy Evolution” that Jesse presented to the Nuclear Energy Assembly of the Nuclear Energy Institute in New Orleans on 21 May.


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5 March 2004

We post Jesse’s 2004 version of his talk “Does energy policy matter?” (text only, no figures) presented to the Keystone Energy Board in Colorado on 20 February.

Does energy policy matter? (Word document, 50 KB)

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9 June 2003

On 4 June Jesse addressed a session of the UN Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and Law of the Sea in New York City about the Census of Marine Life. We post Jesse’s short talk and power point slide show (Warning – 8.1MB file!)

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