Cars and Civilization

As part of the William and Myrtle Harris Lectureship in Science and Civilization, Jesse presented a lecture entitled ‘Cars and Civilization‘ at the California Institute of Technology on 30 April 2014.

CoML in Cambridge

On 28 September in Cambridge MA for the 40th Reunion of his Harvard College class, Jesse presented a panoramic talk, Every Fish in the Sea, on the Census of Marine Life. The 17MB pdf posted here includes all the slides but not the animations or videos. Thanks to the Class of 1973 for a wonderful opportunity to share the Census!

18 December 2012 Farmland Talk

Jesse’s short lecture on Peak Farmland is now in our regular Talk’s db, and the PHE paper Peak Farmland and the Prospects for Sparing Nature in our regular Bibliography db.

Here are some photos from the PDR Symposium.

Our paper has attracted more media attention.  Some linked examples are below:

Los Angeles Times


Reuters, appeared in many places, including Oman, Phnom Penh,  Sydney, Huffington Post

Macroscopes for Science lecture

On Tuesday 6 November Jesse Ausubel delivered the Enrico Fermi Colloquium on “Macroscopes for Science” at the University of Florence, Italy, hosted by laser expert Roberto Bini. The hour-long audio of the lecture is at the link above, with the slides also showing once their turns come.

European Barcode Conference

With about 130 other experts from 28 countries, Mark Stoeckle and Jesse Ausubel attended the European Consortium for the Barcode of Life (ECBOL), Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, and Royal Museum for Central Africa 3rd ECBOL conference under the theme “Barcoding of Organisms of Policy Concern” at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the Arts in Brussels. Mark presented his work on very low frequency nucleotide variants. Among many excellent presentations were reports on the flora of Wales, on orchids, and on forensic entomology. Thanks to Marc de Meyer, Thierry Backeljau and Pedro Crous for organizing the meeting.