Can Technology Spare the Earth?

JH Ausubel. Am Sci 84 (2): 166–178 1996 Republished in Current Perspectives in Geology, Fourth Edition, Michael McKinney, Robert L. Tolliver, Parri Shariff, eds., Wadsworth, Boston, MA, 1998.

…use science and technology to provide goods and services for human sustenance and comfort and other purposes worthy for the planet. But technology powers good and evil. Some would feel…

Verification of International Environmental Agreements

JH Ausubel, DG Victor. Annual Review of Energy and the Environment 17: 1–43 1992

…the factors that contribute to their success. These include distribution of power among states, the nature of the issue, its linkages to other issues, the roles and functions of international…

Community Risk Profiles: Summary

…between sites and allow records to be passed along and collected centrally as well. From the internal network a link to the Internet will provide access to the global network…

OneNOAA Science Seminar online

… Or copy and paste link into your browser. To view, you may need to install Adobe Connect, follow the online prompts. Some users have better luck with this link

Mitigation and Adaptation for Climate Change: Answers and Questions

JH Ausubel. The Bridge 23 (3): 15–30 1993 Also pp. 557-584 inΒ Costs, Impacts, and Benefits of CO2 Mitigation, Y. Kaya, N. Nakicenovic, W.D. Nordhaus, and F.L. Toth, eds., International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria, 1993.

…defense is that actions must be evaluated not only for expected net costs (or benefits), but also for the levels of uncertainty surrounding them. Here the “Precautionary Principle” for environmental…

Abiotic carbon, subducted biology

… Coverage here: Decade-Long Geology Project Rewrites Origins of Earth’s Methane 22 April 2019 Discover Our old friend Tommy Gold would be thrilled. A paper by Peter Barry and Co….

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…computer simulation for those who want to practice managing universities in a fantasy enviroment. First released in 2000, the link above goes to the Internet Archive site from 2008. The…