The Environment Since 1970

JH Ausubel, DG Victor, IK Wernick. Consequences: The Nature and Implications of Environmental Change 1 (3): 2–15 1995

…thousand such agreements have been concluded since the early 1970s. Within firms, innovative practice is becoming more preemptive, as the trend is towards pollution prevention. Successful instances of pollution prevention…

Nitro Letter

…print our correspondence on its publication of three unconvincing instances of use of high nitrogen forecasts. It is a good bet the growing international nitrogen research industry will feed itself….

Does Climate Still Matter?

JH Ausubel. Nature 350: 649–652 1991

…that systems built today, for instance in energy, are about twice as efficient as those built 30 years ago21. Today generating a kilowatt of electricity in a steam plant takes…

Energy and Environment: The Light Path

JH Ausubel. Energy Systems and Policy 15: 181–188 1991

…development, and government “cost-sharing” for clean coal plants. These subsidies should stop. Clean coal is an oxymoron, and the technologies that seek it are costly to install and complicated to…

Scientists, War, Diplomacy, Europe

JH Ausubel. George C. Marshall Institute News 3 (4): 2001

…activities are well known and documented — for instance, the activities of the international Pugwash movement, which was recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize in 1995.  Many other activities of…

Decarbonization: The Next 100 Years

…oil and gas, away from the present, costly, instant matching of supply to demand. For safety, security, and aesthetics, let’s put the entire system, including cables and power plants, underground.  I…

The Environment for Future Business

JH Ausubel. Pollution Prevention Review 8 (1): 39–52 1998 This article has been republished in the journal Environmental Regulation and Permitting 9(2):251-62, 1999.

…struggle is bloody. Products, performers, and technologies, indeed whole systems of doing things, lose and die. The struggle is episodic or cyclical, in many instances. In particular, long cycles or pulses…

Reasons to Worry About the Human Environment

JH Ausubel. Journal of the Cosmos Club of Washington D.C 8 (1): 12 1998 Republished in Technology in Society 21:217-231, 1999. 

…lead levels, measured in hair.12 Similarly, high cadmium and magnesium levels characterized disruptive recruits to the US Navy.13 Manganese madness” is characterized by hallucinations, unusual behavior, emotional instability, and numerous neurological problems….


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