Manifesto for Clean Ocean

…Ocean Manifesto” SciTech Daily A Clean Ocean by 2030: UN Experts’ “Clean Ocean Manifesto” Podcast, Germany #4: Die Zukunft der Meere – mit Angelika Brandt, United…

Added online reprints Malthus

Added online reprints Malthus and the Graduate Studentsand Working Less and Living Longer. Link to the American Scientist web site with the abstract of Can Technology Spare the Earth?…

We posted the online

We posted the online paper, Working Less and Living Longer: Long-Term Trends in Working Time and Time Budgets, complete with full tables and figures….

We posted the online

We posted the online paper Technical Progress and Climatic Change….

We posted the online

We posted the online paper Mitigation and Adaptation for Climate Change: Answers and Questions….

We posted the online

We posted the online article The Environment for Future Business and the “CyberCampus” Prospectus….

OneNOAA Science Seminar online

Mark Stoeckle presented recent eDNA work assessing marine fish diversity and abundance at OneNOAA Science Seminar Series on August 26, 2020. The recorded presentation and lively discussion is available online

The Forester’s Lever: Industrial Ecology and Wood Products

IK Wernick, PE Waggoner, JH Ausubel. Journal of Forestry 98 (10): 8–14 2000

…USDA Forest Products Laboratory. KAFUS INDUSTRIES. 1999. Kafus options 147,000 acres in Arizona as proposed site for increased kenaf fibre production. News release. Available online at www. MOULTON, R.J.,…