OneNOAA Science Seminar online

Mark Stoeckle presented recent eDNA work assessing marine fish diversity and abundance at OneNOAA Science Seminar Series on August 26, 2020. The recorded presentation and lively discussion is available online

Can Technology Spare the Earth?

JH Ausubel. Am Sci 84 (2): 166–178 1996 Republished in Current Perspectives in Geology, Fourth Edition, Michael McKinney, Robert L. Tolliver, Parri Shariff, eds., Wadsworth, Boston, MA, 1998.

…American diet could allow cropland the area of Australia to revert to wilderness. Per hectare, annual world grain yields in fact rose 2.15 percent 1960-1994. If dynamics continue as usual,…

The Forester’s Lever: Industrial Ecology and Wood Products

IK Wernick, PE Waggoner, JH Ausubel. Journal of Forestry 98 (10): 8–14 2000

…USDA Forest Products Laboratory. KAFUS INDUSTRIES. 1999. Kafus options 147,000 acres in Arizona as proposed site for increased kenaf fibre production. News release. Available online at www. MOULTON, R.J.,…

FISH-BOL now online

The website for the project we helped start to develop DNA barcodes for all fish, appropriately called “FISH-BOL”, is now on-line at….

Interview by Heinz Horeis

…equivalent of sub-prime mortgages. “ “But humans are not rational. Why do people buy lottery tickets? They hope for a solution, effectively by magic, as lottery jackpot odds are one…

Daedalus, Summer 1996

…the Philosophy of Nature at the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut of the Wissenschaftszentrum Nordrhein -Westfalen and at the University of Essen. Sustaining the Human Environment: The Next Two Hundred Years–Chauncey Starr, President…

Technical Progress and Climatic Change

JH Ausubel. Energy Policy 23 (4/5): 411–416 1995 Also pp. 501-512 in Integrated Assessment of Mitigation, Impacts, and Adaptation to Climate Change, N Nakicenovic, WD Nordhaus, R Richels, and FL Toth (eds), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria, 1994.

…number of scientific and technological discoveries, 1400- 1900. Source of data: L. Darmstaedter, 1908. Fear that humanity was running out of inventions partly motivated Darmstaedter’s history. Scientists and engineers themselves…