Virtual U released! University management

…new way to understand and work with the challenges of higher education. Virtual U was conceived by William Massy and Jesse. Purchase your copy at the Virtual U web site….

Chernobyl After Perestroika: Reflections on a Recent Visit

JH Ausubel. Technology in Society 14: 187–198 1992

…greenhouse century. Climate is a global question, and those in the network of researchers included several capable Soviet scientists. One place to study global climate was the International Institute for…

EOL News

…Annual Report as well as a newsy press release which received coverage in at least 24 nations and 12 languages, including a lively article by the Spanish wire service EFE….

CoML remarks from Chile

We post the brief remarks in Spanish that Jesse gave at the inaugural ceremony of the Census of Marine Life meeting for South America in Concepcion, Chile, 29 October 2002….

Deep Carbon Observatory discoveries

…together. Here are news stories about the discoveries by Reuters, The Independent newspaper, EFE (the Spanish news wire), and New Energy and Fuel. And in Chinese and Russian.    …

Leonardo DNA project

…aver ricostruito la sequenza del Dna si proverà a ottenere “tracce biologiche che potrebbero essere rimaste nelle pitture o nelle … Agencia EFE, Spain (Spanish) INVESTIGADORES QUIEREN EL ADN DE…

Death and the Human Environment: The United States in the 20th Century [PDF]

JH Ausubel, PS Meyer, IK Wernick. Technology in Society 23 (2): 131–146 2001

…The invasion of smallpox into Central Mexico at the time of the Spanish conquest depopulated central Mexico.[17]  Gonorrhea depopulated the Pacific island of Yap.[18] At the time of its founding…

International Conflicts over Environment: Scientist’s Roles and Opportunities

JH Ausubel. Scientific Cooperation, State Conflict: The Role of Scientists in Mitigating International Discord 866: 253–258 1998

…clippers, like garden shears, to cut the nets of British fishing trawlers, causing the loss of both nets and catches. Iceland broke diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom for a…

Encyclopedia of Life September 2011

…collections. The EOL is also now quite fully available in Spanish and Arabic. About 700,000 species now have webpages with content, remarkable progress since the first release in February 2008….