Dematerialization and decarbonization advance

Recent essays based on the “Peak Stuff” paper by Chris Goodall highlight our work on Dematerialization:

In Le Monde in France in French by Audrey Garric, “Have we attained a peak of objects?”  Also available in English.

In Italy in Italian by Pamela Pelatelli “Are we consuming less?”

Also, an essay, ”Going for the Burn,” by Matt Ridley (45 December 2011) draws on our work on Decarbonization.    Also available in Spanish.

Goodall’s excellent paper elicits memories of

IK Wernick, JH Ausubel, National materials flows and the environment (Annual Review of Energy and the Environment 20: 463-492, 1995)

IK Wernick, R Herman, S Govind, JH Ausubel, Materialization and dematerialization: Measures and trends (Pp 135-156 in Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment, JH Ausubel and HD Langford (eds) 1997) and

JH Ausubel, PE Waggoner, Dematerialization: variety, caution, and persistence (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105(35): 12774-12779, 2008 10.1073/pnas.0806099105 D)