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DNA Barcoding: Bulletin of the International Barcode of Life (iBOL) program at the University of Guelph

A useful newsletter that shares information on DNA barcoding initiatives, terrestrial and marine, animal, plant, and fungal. Thanks editor Dirk Steinke.

DNA Subway/Cold Spring Harbor Lab

Cold Spring Harbor Lab’s DNA Learning Center produces the excellent DNA Subway software for gene annotation and genome analysis that we great admire for easing the work of barcoding and studies of eDNA. Thanks to Bruce Nash, Dave Micklos, and company.

Census of Marine Life

The archival page of this program which ran from 2000-2011.

Ocean exploration/ OET & NOAA

We enjoy working with the Ocean Exploration Trust and its Research Vessel Nautilus as well as NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and its RV Okeanos Explorer and other platforms for exploration.

Monmouth-Rockefeller Marine Initiative

Among our closest collaborations is the Monmouth University – Rockefeller University Marine Science and Policy Initiative, in which we work with Monmouth’s Urban Coast Institute, founded by VADM (ret.) Paul Gaffney and directed by Tony MacDonald.

U Texas Austin Energy

Since many years we have collaborated with William Fisher (Jackson School of Geosciences) and Scott Tinker (Bureau of Economic Geology), for example, on Scott’s film, Switch. Jesse Ausubel served on the vision committee that helped launch the Jackson School in 2004.

Industrial Ecology

The Journal of Industrial Ecology is an international, multi-disciplinary journal fostering understanding and practice in the field of industrial ecology. Industrial ecology systematically examines local, regional and global materials and energy uses and flows in products, processes, industrial sectors and economies. Thanks to Yale’s Reid Lifset for decades of leadership.

Breakthrough Institute

Jesse Ausubel, Iddo Wernick, and Perrin Meyer all collaborate with Oakland’s Breakthrough Institute, led by Ted Nordhaus, which identifies and promotes technological solutions to environmental and human development challenges.

Environmental Progress

PHE collaborates with Environmental Progress, led by Michael Shellenberger, which seeks to lift humans out of poverty, and save the natural environment by removing obstacles to cheap, reliable and clean energy. 

Resources for the Future

Resources for the Future (RFF) is an independent, nonprofit research organization that aims to help people make better decisions about the conservation and use of their natural resources and the environment. RFF strives to provide accurate, objective information to policy makers, legislators, public opinion leaders, and environmentalists to help them responsibly meet the nation’s and the world’s long-term environmental and economic needs. Jesse Ausubel is a University Fellow of RFF.

Acoustic Environment/ Meyer Sound

Sound and light are often overlooked aspects of the natural environment. Noise pollution and nighttime illumination may matter far more than the effort science allocates to them. PHE works with Meyer Sound, the “wizards of sound” whose laboratories are at the origin of numerous major audio innovations.


The Electric Power Research Institute , funded by a consortium of electric power producers, conducts and funds research into improved methods for electrical power generation and distribution. They also support a wide array of environmental research. Former EPRI President Chauncey Starr helped the PHE get started in 1993.

Continental Supergrid

The Continental Supergrid is an archival site of our late colleague, Paul Grant.

National Academy Press

The publishers for the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council. You can read or buy our book Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment here, as well as many older books and reports edited and written by our staff and colleagues.

Encyclopedia of Life

A web page for every species…a vision of EO Wilson, for which Jesse Ausubel served as the founding chair in 2006-2008. EOL v3, the current platform, was launched in November 2018.

Internet Archive

The quest for universal access to all recorded human knowledge pursued with amazing effectiveness by the heroic Brewster Kahle.

Community College Research Center

In 1996, with encouragement and resources from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Teachers College of Columbia University undertook to establish the Community College Research Center to strengthen these institutions and understanding of them. Established with the outstanding leadership of Thomas Bailey, the CCRC continues to excel in its mission. Jesse Ausubel served as the liaison between Sloan and the CCRC during its first decade.

Galatee Films

Inspired by the leadership of Jacques Perrin, Paris-based Galatee Films produces outstanding films about wild nature and other themes. PHE assisted Galatee with Oceans, The Seasons, and other projects.

Earth Science Information: CIESIN

The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network web site is an ambitious gateway to environmental research and data curated by our long-time colleague Robert Chen.

University Simulator: Virtual-U©

Created by Bill Massy, Trevor Chan, Ben Sawyer, and Jesse Ausubel, Virtual U is a fun computer simulation for those who want to practice managing universities in a fantasy enviroment. First released in 2000, the link above goes to the Internet Archive site from 2008. The site faded in 2014.

Virtual U helped create the Games for Change initiative, which encourages applications of gaming to problems relating from fear of spiders to peace in the Middle East.

Professional Science Masters degrees

Sheila Tobias and Jesse Ausubel created the movement for these degrees during the late 1990s and early 2000s. This site tells about the degrees today.

Cesare Marchetti Web Archive

A collection of works through 2007 by our esteemed colleague Cesare Marchetti. Somewhat different lists through 2005 including some Leonardo material are at

For Internet Archive versions of the site, including complete Leonardo links, see

Human Performance Enhancement

We appreciate growing collaboration with Dr. Jakob Pietschnig of the University of Vienna, expert on evolution of cognitive abilities and the Flynn effect. With regard to enhancement of physical performance, we greatly admire the work of the group of Dr. Geoffroy Berthelot, Institut National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance, near Paris, and Michael Joyner, MD, at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government

Between 1989-1993 the Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government issued many reports aim at improving the use of science in the US government (including Congress and the Judiciary) as well as States and also international organizations. Seventeen reports, including the concluding report, can be accessed here. Jesse Ausubel served as Director of Studies for the Commission.


The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (in Laxenburg, Austria) brings together researchers from many nations to work on environmental questions that bridge countries and interests. We work closely with Arnulf Gruebler (see also) and Nebojsa Nakicenovic.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), a world leader in oceanography, have been probing mysteries of the oceans almost 80 years. Jesse Ausubel has worked summers at WHOI since 1990.

Richard Lounsbery Foundation

PHE has helped develop ideas for science programs of the small but vital Lounsbery Foundation.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

The Sloan Foundation engaged Jesse Ausubel tojhelp manage several of its basic science programs, including the Census of Marine Life.

Terry Collins and Associates

Since 2003 we have had the good fortune to work together dozens of times with engagement expert Terry Collins (Toronto), who specializes in science news, especially about the environment. Terry has created an archive of the occasions on which we have worked together.

Castle Builder Design

Web design and development for PHE and related projects since 2016