Using the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct to Evaluate Green Supply Chain Management: An Empirical Study of Taiwan’s Computer Industry

Citation: Sustainability 7: 2787-2803 2015

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Electronics companies throughout Asia recognize the benefits of Green Supply
Chain Management (GSCM) for gaining competitive advantage. A large majority of
electronics companies in Taiwan have recently adopted the Electronic Industry Citizenship
Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct for defining and managing their social and environmental
responsibilities throughout their supply chains. We surveyed 106 Tier 1 suppliers to the
Taiwanese computer industry to determine their environmental performance using the EICC
Code of Conduct (EICC Code) and performed Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) on the 63/106
questionnaire responses collected. We test the results to determine whether differences in
product type, geographic area, and supplier size correlate with different levels of environmental
performance. To our knowledge, this is the first study to analyze questionnaire data on supplier
adoption to optimize the implementation of GSCM. The results suggest that characteristic
classification of suppliers could be employed to enhance the efficiency of GSCM.

Keywords: environmental performance; code of conduct; self-assessment questionnaire; green supply chain management; EICC Code

Areas of Research: Technology & Human Environment