Recognizing Terry Collins and Dale Langford

With maximum appreciation for their contributions, we have included Terry Collins and Dale Langford in our list of PHE alumni and external affiliates.

Dale Langford has edited almost every publication of Jesse’s since the 1985 National Academy of Engineering Program Report. Dale edited many reports and books of the National Academies, many papers and reports of the Program for the Human Environment, and many reports of the Census of Marine Life, Deep Carbon Observatory, and other programs in which Jesse has played a role.

As reported in our 2013 blog here, Jesse began working with environment and science communications specialist Terry Collins in 2003. Since then, their joint efforts have grown from 38 collaborations to more than 60, as chronicled in Terry’s Jesse Ausubel Archive. The archive is a wonderful scientific biography of our interests, spanning marine biodiversity, DNA barcoding and eDNA, the Encyclopedia of Life, deep carbon, and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Dale and Terry have improved and multiplied the value of our work.