POGO report

The Task Force on Ocean Biological Observations of the Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) has completed its Report.  Jesse Ausubel served on the Task Force, whose report explores new genomic, acoustic, and optical approaches, and their synergies, especially in relation to the deep ocean, and some organizational strategies to speed progress.

“The oceanographic community is beginning to develop sensors, instruments, platforms and systems that will eventually make large scale and long-term ocean biological observation possible. There are developments in imaging, acoustic measurement and genomic sensing that show great promise for the future. Each development is in a different stage of maturity and there is great enthusiasm within the communities for investment in these capabilities. But we see no organization that is consistently fostering these capabilities. We believe that POGO has the long-term perspective, the ocean observation focus, the international scope, and the organizational convening power to take on a focus on ocean biological observation..”