National Ocean Exploration Forum

A Press Release describes recent discoveries by ocean explorers and the 2016 National Ocean Exploration Forum, organized by Jesse Ausubel (Rockefeller University) and Paul Gaffney (Monmouth University). Thanks to the 110 participants and for great preparation by Alan Curry, Doris Manville, Karl Vilacoba, and Danica Simmons.

News reports of the recent discoveries:

Remotely operated vehicles expand reach for ocean researchers

WorkBoat (blog)Oct 20, 2016

“A lot of the difficulty with ocean exploration since Ulysses is we move slowly at sea,” said Jesse Ausubel, director of the Program for the Human …

Strange purple sea creatures found in deep ocean trenches
BBC NewsOct 20, 2016

 500 ‘Champagne’ Methane Seeps Discovered Off Pacific Coast
Live ScienceOct 20, 2016

 Methane leak along the West Coast that could contribute to global …
Daily MailOct 20, 2016

 There’s an Enormous Natural Gas Seep Along the West Coast
Gizmodo India15 hours ago