We have posted three new

We have posted three new papers:

Reasons to Worry about the Human Environment

Jesse H. Ausubel
Cosmos (Journal of the Cosmos Club of Washington, DC) 8:1-12, 1998.

International Conflicts over Environment: Scientists’ Roles and

Jesse H. Ausubel
In Mitigating International Discord,
A. L. de Cerreno and A. Keynan, eds,
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (866): 253-258, 1998.

Searching for Leverage to Conserve Forests: The Industrial Ecology of Wood Products in the U.S.
abstract available
Iddo K. Wernick, Paul E. Waggoner, and Jesse H. Ausubel
Journal of Industrial Ecology 1(3):125-145, 1997.