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…its collections of the September 11 Digital Archive. For the press release about the accession visit , while the Symposium program and eventually its webcast are at ….

The Census of Marine Life: Progress and Prospects

JH Ausubel. Fisheries 26 (7): 33–36 2001

…about 15,000 species of marine fishes.  They also believe about 5,000 species of marine fishes remain to be discovered.  The age of exploration in the oceans is not over. Other…

National Material Flows posted

Continuing to build our digital archive, we post the 1995 paper “National Materials Flows and the Environment”….

Green Future posted

Continuing to build our digital archive, we post the 1996 paper “Productivity, Electricity, Science: Powering a Green Future”….

Organizational Ecology of Science posted

Expanding our digital archive, we post a PDF version of Jesse’s 1993 paper “The Organizational Ecology of Science Advice in America.”…

Rat Race posted

Adding to our digital archive, we post a PDF of a 1991 paper by Jesse titled “Rat Race Dynamics and Crazy Companies: Diffusion of Technologies and Social Behaviors.”…

Brewster Kahle speech

…all recorded knowledge , and on 25 October 2005 the Archive held a meeting to form the Open Content Alliance to speed the scanning of books into a digital library….

Some Ways to Lessen Worries about Climate Change [PDF]

JH Ausubel. The Electricity Journal 14 (1): 24–33 2001

…Washington DC, [Endnotes] 1 J.H. Ausubel, Does Climate Still Matter? Nature 350:649-652, 1991. [2] D.G. Victor and J. H. Ausubel, Restoring the Forests, Foreign Affairs 79(6):127-144, 2000. [3] See J.H. Ausubel, Productivity, Electricity, Science: Powering…