Ocean Exploration Forum Final Report

The Final Report of the 2016 National Ocean Exploration Forum (NOEF) has been posted on the updated NOEF website.  The site includes the reports of the small groups that developed plans for campaigns of exploration to the Arctic, Gulf of Mexico, and Southeast US Atlantic Bight as well as the slides from the orientation lectures about these regions, slides from the lectures about tools for geology, acoustics, biology, and telepresence, and the discussion papers prepared for the Forum.

A short press release describes the Final Report.

The report contains Jesse Ausubel’s keynote address to the Forum: SuBastian and the Roboats . Pp. 28-31 in Final Report of the 2016 National Ocean Exploration Forum: Beyond the Ships 2020–2025. 2017 (Slightly abridged version published in Sea Technology 58(1):7, January 2017.)

Thanks to Amelie Walker Yung for the great site redesign and to Alan Curry for overseeing the entire NOEF project.

The Forum and its Report are fruits of the Monmouth University-Rockefeller University marine science and policy initiative.