Census of Marine Life Antarctic book

The Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) & SCAR-Marine Biodiversity Information Network
BIOGEOGRAPHIC ATLAS OF THE SOUTHERN OCEAN was released in late August 2014.  See three news stories below.
The book is the work of 147 scientists from 91 institutions across 22 countries.  A colorful 4-page flyer describes the book, which will be available for purchase through Amazon.com in November 2014. The Atlas will cost 99 euro plus shipping.  You can download the first 24 pages, including the Table of Contents and Introductory chapters at http://share.biodiversity.aq/Atlas/example_BASO_web.pdf.  Jesse Ausubel wrote the Preface, p. 6 of the prior link.

New Antarctic atlas offers index of marine life
BBC News – ‎‎
More than 9,000 species, from single-cell organisms to penguins and whales, are chronicled in the first Antarctic atlas since 1969. The book will be launched by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research at its Open Science Conference in Auckland, New …

First ‘comprehensive’ atlas of Southern Ocean marine life unveiled
ABC Online – ‎‎
The 3.5-kilogram book, published by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, was being launched in Auckland today as part of the Open Science conference. The atlas details more than 9,000 species, looking at their evolution, physical environment …

biologists unlock the secrets of Antarctica
The Independent-11 hours ago
Dr Katrin Linse, an expert in Antarctic molluscs at the British Antartic … Huw Griffiths, author and editor of the British Antarctic Survey, said: “The ..

Congratulations to editors Claude de Broyer and Philippe Koubbi on this extraordinary achievement, and to Michael Stoddard, Victoria Wadley, Huw Griffiths, and other leaders of CAML.