Garrison & Levinson transport book

William Garrison (University of California, Berkeley) and David Levinson (University of Minnesota) have published a second edition of their masterly book, The Transportation Experience: Policy, Planning, and Deployment.

Among other good works, the U MN group maintains a useful page about the Kepler of transportation science, the late Yacov Zahavi:

Zahavi had a tremendous, lasting influence on the thinking of Jesse Ausubel and several close associates (Cesare Marchetti, Arnulf Gruebler) and protégés (David Victor, Andreas Schafer) who have regularly cited his work, as for example in:

JH Ausubel, C Marchetti. The evolution of transport. The Industrial Physicist 7(2): 20-24, 2001.

JH Ausubel, C Marchetti, PS Meyer. Toward green mobility: The evolution of transport. European Review  6(2): 143-162, 1998.