2013 papers from the Census of Marine Life:

Numerous valuable papers continued to emerge from the Census of Marine Life during the past year. Here are some:

            Victor Gallardo’s paper on the huge  biomass of the filamentous bacteria off Chile & Peru: Extrapolations of Standing-Stocks of Big Bacteria in Humboldt Eastern Boundary Current Ecosystem

The late Prof. Liu’s paper on the biodiversity of China Seas: Status of Marine Biodiversity of the China Seas

The synthesis on European seas by Bhavani Narayanaswamy et al: Synthesis of Knowledge on Marine Biodiversity in European Seas: From Census to Sustainable Management

The MARECO paper by Monty Priede, Odd Aksel Bergstad and colleagues on the biological role of the Mid-Ocean Ridge: Does Presence of a Mid-Ocean Ridge Enhance Biomass and Biodiversity?

The paper by Boris Worm et al. on shark exploitation: Global catches, exploitation rates, and rebuilding … – Boris Worm

The PLoS Biology paper by Camilo Mora, Chih-Lin Wei and many others on: Biotic and Human Vulnerability to Projected Changes in Ocean Biogeochemistry over the 21st Century

The POST paper by Troy Nelson and Co. on sturgeon: Research Tools to Investigate Movements, Migrations, and Life History of Sturgeons (Acipenseridae), with an Emphasis on Marine-Oriented Populations