CoML Highlights 2008

The Census of Marine Life releases its 4th Highlights Report, a press release about the highlights, and spectacular images. Among the highlights are the Antarctic ancestry of many octopus, the Pacific’s White Shark Café, and a historic Caribbean wall of 5 million queen conch shells. Jesse, asked about his top impressions so far, replied:

a) Technologically and politically, it is amazing and inspiring that a Census can be carried out. When the program began in 2000, such progress seemed improbable to many observers.
b) The release of the first Census in 2010 will be a scientific achievement of historic proportions, abounding in insights about what humanity knows about the oceans, what we don’t know, and what we may never know.
c) The varieties of ocean life are beautiful beyond imagination.
d) The power to see much more in the oceans brings enormous responsibilities to use the power wisely.

A Caracas newspaper includes quotes from Jesse: