What is LogletLab?

The behavior of a dynamic system, be it biological or socio-technical, frequently resembles a series of logistic wavelets, or "loglets." Loglet analysis involves the decomposition of growth and diffusion patterns into S-shaped logistic components. This decomposition is roughly analogous to wavelet analysis, popular for signal processing and compression. In the easiest cases, a loglet appears as a single S-shaped curve. However a description of the system’s behavior may resemble a succession of many loglets. When loglets overlap in time, the overall logistic behavior of a system can be hard to discern and analyze. LogletLab is designed for use with user data to help users analyze and decompose growth processes.

LogletLab software has gone through several development cycles since the initial release of LogletLab 1 in 1998 straight through to the recent release of LogletLab 4.1, an online tool with extensive statistical analysis capabilities built in. Please refer to the LogletLab Archive page for further background information on LogletLab development history. The most recent edition of LogletLab 4.1 offer users numerous new features including an extended selection of fitting functions and advanced statistical analysis.

All versions of LogletLab are available free of charge.

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