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LogletLab 1

Developed in 1998, LogletLab 1.x ("Loglet Lab for Windows") is the oldest version of our Loglet Lab software and is for Windows only. You can download this version of LogletLab here

The Loglet Lab Tutorial provides a function-by-function guide to the capabilities of Loglet Lab 1.x.

For a more in depth introduction into the mathematics of LogletLab see A primer on logistic growth and substitution: The mathematics of the Loglet Lab software. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 61(3): 247-271, 1999.

LogletLab 2

In 2003, Loglet Lab was completely rewritten in Java so it could be used in multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Download Loglet Lab 2

LogletLab 2 Documentation

Note on the Labeling of "Fisher-Pry" Transform Figures (FP_Clarification.pdf)

LogletLab 3

In 2008 PHE released LogletLab 3.0, a web-based tool offer users more features than previous versions of LogletLab.

LogletLab 3.0 Documentation

LogletLab 4

In 2016 PHE released the most recent version of the software, LogletLab 4

URL: https://phe.rockefeller.edu/LogletLab/docs.html
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