Powerpoint files for Human Population Dynamics - Marchetti, Meyer, Ausubel

Click on the following two filenames to download the figures. The files are in Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Version 4. If gibberish appears on the screen when you click on the filenames, you might might have to get a little clever to save the files to disk. If you are running Windows or have a Unix machine, "right click" (use your mouse's right most button) on the filename, and choose the "save link as" or"save to disk" option. If you are using a Macintosh with only one mouse button, click on the filename, holding down the button for a long time. A menu with a "save link as" or "save to disk" option should appear. Good luck.

CMPOP10P.PPT - The portrait mode Powerpoint figures.

CMPOP10L.PPT - The landscape mode Powerpoint figures.

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