Chernobyl After Perestroika: Reflections on a Recent Visit

JH Ausubel. Technology in Society 14: 187–198 1992

…roughly to a 30-kilometer radius around the damaged plant. The zone, it is estimated, will require special management for 100 to 150 years. At the restricted zone, a two-hour drive…

Reasons to Worry About the Human Environment

JH Ausubel. Journal of the Cosmos Club of Washington D.C 8 (1): 12 1998 Republished in Technology in Society 21:217-231, 1999. 

…UK male workers dropped from 150,000 to 88,000 lifetime hours at paid work, while UK working women dropped from 63,000 to 40,000. Well–documented long–run reductions in annual per capita work time in…

Energy and Environment: The Light Path

JH Ausubel. Energy Systems and Policy 15: 181–188 1991

…the time population reaches 10 billion, the urban share may be 70 or 80 percent. We will live in a world of many enormous urban agglomerations. City size and density…


…Natl Acad Sci U S A 105(35): 12774-12779, 2008 10.1073/pnas.0806099105 D IK Wernick, R Herman, S Govind, JH Ausubel. Materialization and dematerialization: Measures and trends. Pp 135-156 in Technological Trajectories…

Macroscopes for Science lecture

…University of Florence, Italy, hosted by laser expert Roberto Bini. The hour-long audio of the lecture is at the link above, with the slides also showing once their turns come….

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…computer simulation for those who want to practice managing universities in a fantasy enviroment. First released in 2000, the link above goes to the Internet Archive site from 2008. The…

The Environment Since 1970

JH Ausubel, DG Victor, IK Wernick. Consequences: The Nature and Implications of Environmental Change 1 (3): 2–15 1995

…oil have increased from 600 billion barrels in 1970 to 1,000 at present, even though over 500 billion barrels of oil have been pumped from the ground in that time….