We posted the online

We posted the online article The Environment for Future Business and the “CyberCampus” Prospectus….

Full PDR issue online

The entire issue of Population and Development Review with our article about Peak Farmland is now online: Population and Public Policy: Essays in Honor of Paul Demeny http://www.popcouncil.org/publications/books/2012_PDRSuppPopPublicPolicy.asp and will…

We posted the online

We posted the online paper, Working Less and Living Longer: Long-Term Trends in Working Time and Time Budgets, complete with full tables and figures….

Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment

JH Ausubel and HD Langford (eds). National Academy Press, Washington DC 1997 Also appeared as special issue, "The Liberation of the Environment,"Daedalusย 125(3):1-17, 1996.

…the National Academy Press. Their bookstore web site contains ordering information. The papers in the book also appeared in a special issue of the journal Daedalus. The conference, titled “Technological Trajectories and the Human…

Daedalus, Summer 1996

…run, require much more time to implement because of the multiplicity of forward and backward linkages between technologies, infrastructures, and forms of organization for their production and use.” –Arnulf Grubler…

The Liberation of the Environment

JH Ausubel. Pp. 1-13 in Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment, JH Ausubel and HD Langford (eds) 1997 An earlier version was published by The Collegium Budapest, Budapest, Hungary, A krnyezet felszabadtasa (The Liberation of the Environment, in Hungarian)ย Magyar Tudomanyย CII(2):164-171, 1995. Also appeared in Portuguese, A Liberacao do Meio Ambiente,ย Tecbahiaย 12(2):29-41, 1997

networks may help by offering cheap ways to link otherwise unconnected buyers and sellers to create new markets or waste exchanges. Liberation from the Environment I have focused primarily on…

Abiotic carbon, subducted biology

…https://deepcarbon.net/rewriting-textbook-fossil-fuels Coverage here: Decade-Long Geology Project Rewrites Origins of Earth’s Methane 22 April 2019 Discover Our old friend Tommy Gold would be thrilled. A paper by Peter Barry and Co….

The Great Reversal: Nature’s Chance to Restore Land and Sea

JH Ausubel. Technology in Society 22: 289โ€“302 2000

…years. At 600m2 each, the USA increase would consume 6 million hectares, about the land area of Belgium plus the Netherlands or five Connecticuts. Globally, if everyone new builds at the…