COML Reuters Story

The Census of Marine Life Home Page Scientists Gear Up for Effort to Record Ocean Life By REUTERS, February 22, 2001 SYDNEY – Marine scientists from across Australia are…

Does Climate Still Matter?

JH Ausubel. Nature 350: 649–652 1991

…agreement that the planet is committed to at least some climatic change induced by human activity, there is growing pressure to “slow the greenhouse express” (ref. 1). Here I examine…

How Did Noah’s Ark Float?

Jesse becomes engaged in the Creationism discussion, when asked whether all life might actually voyage on Noah’s Ark, as reported in an article Reuters’ excellent environment correspondent, Alister Doyle. FEATURE-How…

Can Technology Spare the Earth?

JH Ausubel. Am Sci 84 (2): 166–178 1996 Republished in Current Perspectives in Geology, Fourth Edition, Michael McKinney, Robert L. Tolliver, Parri Shariff, eds., Wadsworth, Boston, MA, 1998.

…rates. The answers indicate the feasibility of greatly diminishing our environmental burdens by increasing the productivity of our resources. Analysts, eager to assimilate the latest information, live life on the

Census of Marine Life Antarctic book

The Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) & SCAR-Marine Biodiversity Information Network BIOGEOGRAPHIC ATLAS OF THE SOUTHERN OCEAN was released in late August 2014. See three news stories below. The

Barcode of Life

…Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. On this site you can Read Mark Stoeckle’s September 2003 Bioscience essay on “Taxonomy, DNA, and the Bar Code of Life” and the “Barcode of Life

The Liberation of the Environment

JH Ausubel. Pp. 1-13 in Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment, JH Ausubel and HD Langford (eds) 1997 An earlier version was published by The Collegium Budapest, Budapest, Hungary, A krnyezet felszabadtasa (The Liberation of the Environment, in Hungarian)Β Magyar TudomanyΒ CII(2):164-171, 1995. Also appeared in Portuguese, A Liberacao do Meio Ambiente,Β TecbahiaΒ 12(2):29-41, 1997

networks may help by offering cheap ways to link otherwise unconnected buyers and sellers to create new markets or waste exchanges. Liberation from the Environment I have focused primarily on…