Industrial Ecology: Some Directions for Research

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Toward Green Mobility: The Evolution of Transport

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Community Risk Profiles: Summary

…a bank teller or customer about financial transactions. Consider the information immediately available to a travel agent or a user of on-line travel information services. Then think of the access…

Verification of International Environmental Agreements

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Simulating the Academy: Toward Understanding Colleges and Universities as Dynamic Systems

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…obscure second-order effects. One example is how the expansion of graduate education created a market for low-cost provision of labor for research and teaching, which now strongly influences the size…

Some Ways to Lessen Worries about Climate Change [PDF]

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…crop in Kansas with a bumper crop in Australia. Regulation, such as wise zoning, can lessen the amount that societies build in hazard-prone settings. A strategy such as making available

2020 declared Year of Quiet Ocean – News from International Quiet Ocean Experiment

…to find out The National News, United Arab Emirates Oceans silenced by Covid to reveal impact of human activity on marine life COSMOS Magazine, Australia Year of the…

Bi-Logistic Growth

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…other models introduce higher-order parameters where the physical interpretation is less clear than in the case of the Bi-logistic. More research is needed in order to determine if the Bi-logistic…