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16 September 2015

Rockefeller University graduate students Avital Percher and Devon Collins wrote a short essay about the 2015 short course and field trip as part of the Hurford Initiative on Science & Diplomacy that Jesse helps guide with Mande Holford and Rod Nichols.   Another great group of students and post-docs!

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12 September 2015

The United States Naval Academy has invited Jesse Ausubel to deliver the Michelson Lecture 15 October 2015 in Annapolis on Ocean Past, Ocean Future. We are honored by the invitation from the Academy and the roster of prior lecturers.


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12 September 2015

Resources For the Future (RFF) has posted the video (and audio) of the seminar Weds 9 Sept 2015 where Jesse Ausubel commented on the release of Breakthrough Institute’s Nature Unbound: Decoupling for Conservation.  Jesse’s remarks begin at 29′ 15″ and run 8 minutes (scroll down to the video box & use slider).  The video begins with Linus Blomqvist’s introduction of the report and ends with Q&A involving Linus, Jesse, and Tom Lovejoy.




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11 September 2015

Bloomberg View reporter Justin Fox publishes an excellent piece “We might be near peak environmental impact” that reports on our Nature Rebounds essay and the new Breakthrough Institute’s “Nature Unbound: Decoupling for Conservation.”

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10 September 2015

The IIASA blog 9 Sept 2015 includes a 500-word interview with Jesse Ausubel about his recent essay Nature Rebounds and his experiences as a young researcher at the Institute near Vienna way back during 1979-1981.

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1 September 2015

On August 24th Jesse Ausubel was interviewed by Russ Roberts on EconTalk, a weekly economics podcast.  The hour-long interview, Agriculture, Technology, and the Return of Nature, can be heard here.

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31 August 2015

The new film of Jacques Perrin and Galatee Productions, The Seasons, is scheduled for release 27 January 2016.  A 1-minute promotional segment is available at

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The Richard Lounsbery Foundation helped launch the project, and Jesse Ausubel has assisted with some expertise on re-wilding.  The film chronicles the birth of the four seasons after the end of the last ice age and the related history of forest animals in a European setting.

A 5-minute retrospective of the work of Galatee is at .


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4 August 2015

The Science Plan of the International Quiet Ocean Experiment (IQOE) has been published and is available in pdf (see and printed formats.   Thanks to Peter Tyack, George Frist, Ed Urban, Sophie Seeyave and others who contributed to this excellent document, now endorsed by the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) and Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO).

We are also pleased to note the debut of the IQOE Web site (see

Project sponsors are working to form a Steering Committee for the IQOE and to raise support for its activities.  Until funding is raised for an international project office, the project sponsors (SCOR and POGO) will provide administrative support for the project.  RU’s Program for the Human Environment is helping out as part of its Marine Research and Policy Initiative with Monmouth University, initiated by Jesse Ausubel and Vice Admiral Paul Gaffney II, USN (Ret.) .

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4 August 2015

Science magazine 1 August ran an Op-Ed by Mande Holford and Rod Nichols, with whom Jesse teaches The Rockefeller University course on Science & Diplomacy.

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18 June 2015

Our long-time, esteemed colleague Paul Waggoner returned to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station for the ribbon-cutting for the new Waggoner-Jenkins lab.  Congratulations to the Waggoner family and to the CAES!

Paul Waggoner at opening of new lab in New Haven

Paul Waggoner at opening of new lab in New Haven

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