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30 January 2016

For Galatee’s new film, The Seasons, for which Jesse Ausubel served as a science advisor, great 30-second Japanese teaser:

And a 1 minute 42 second teaser:

And one that shows some of the film’s techniques:

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30 January 2016

One of our colleagues took his drone for this aerial tour of The Rockefeller University campus.

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21 January 2016

As part of our ongoing interest in diffusion of social phenomena, PHE researcher Iddo Wernick has published a paper, Jews in Time and Space, using the writing of books to describe historical development of the Jewish people as waves of organic development, still ongoing.

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12 January 2016

DNA barcoding gains another level of community acceptance–the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) will publish “Species-Level Identification of Animal Cells through Mitochondrial Cytochrome c Oxidase Subunit 1 (CO1) DNA Barcodes”  on January 16, 2016. Mark Stoeckle is a co-author. 

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7 January 2016

We post “Ocean Past, Ocean Future: Reflections on the Shift from the 19th  to 21st  Century Ocean”, Jesse H. Ausubel, Michelson Memorial Lecture, 15 October 2015 United States Naval Academy, Annapolis MD.”

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8 December 2015

We post (belatedly) Self-sinking capsules to investigate Earth’s interior and dispose of radioactive waste, Jesse H. Ausubel, Seminar presentation delivered 26 July 2011, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Program of Study in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.  Jesse and 2011 summer intern Catherine Fisher carried out this work.

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7 December 2015

Exciting preliminary results from our NYC/NJ Aquatic Environmental DNA (eDNA) project are posted on our updated webpage The project aims to detect fish and other aquatic vertebrates by analyzing the traces of DNA they leave behind in the water. So far we have analyzed about a dozen water samples and successfully detected eDNA of 8 freshwater and 10 marine fish species, as well as a variety of birds and mammals. This project is part of a joint initiative in oceans research with Monmouth University.

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26 November 2015

A 2-minute trailer for the new Jacques Perrin/Galatee film, The Seasons, shares great footage from the film, which opens 27 January in France, and soon after elsewhere.  Jesse has served as an advisor to Galatee.  The French narration explains that the film spans the end of the Ice Age to the present day, showing how the birth of the seasons, and then the emergence of humans, led to the natural world as we know it.  Filmed over a four-year period in the national parks and animal reserves of Poland, Romania, Norway, Holland, Scotland, and France at a budget approaching $40 million, the film makes use of cutting-edge technology like flying drones and high-speed scooters to allow viewers to share the experience of bison, reindeer, wolves, bison, owls, and other animals.


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15 November 2015

During the 1992 election, Josh Lederberg and Jesse Ausubel authored an editorial for The Scientist magazine about

Science And The Presidency: 1993

“Each four-year presidential election cycle frames an era of United States politics, including science in high politics. The greenhouse effect, the Valdez oil spill, and biodiversity; AIDS, tuberculosis, and other emerging diseases; fetal tissue research, genome mapping, DNA patents, and DNA fingerprinting; chemical weapons and unemployed Soviet bomb scientists; the space station and the supercollider: The past term has been a busy one for science in the White House. The next term will be …”

The article lists Josh as the only author at the top but the credits at the bottom correctly show the co-authorship. It is fun to reflect on the changes in the list of issues above, and how high policy did or did not affect them.

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2 November 2015

Honorary Fellowship, awarded by the American Geographical Society (AGS), will be bestowed on Jesse Ausubel on the 20thof November during the AGS Fall Symposium, Geography 2050: Exploring our Future in an Urbanized World, to be held at Columbia University.  Here is the press release.

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